Barath Raj
Kandur Raja

R&D, Innovator, Intrapreneur

17.5 Years of Experience
in Research, Innovation, Architecture, Development and Leadership
Sept 2006 to Present (As on Mar 2024)

Successful Intrapreneur
Spearheaded the proposal, development, and commercialization of impactful solutions in Natural Language Processing/Understanding, On-Device Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobile Application and Framework domains.

Passionate Innovator
Author of 55 patents (34 Global and 21 India patents) & 11 Papers

Visionary Leader
Built and led a team of 40 individuals from the ground up; Currently a Group head (~70 individuals), having a key role in strategizing, road mapping, and mentoring Research Scientists, Senior Managers, and Technical Project Managers in delivering cutting-edge solutions in Keyboard Engines, Text AI, OnDevice AI, AI Platform and Solutions.

Collaborate closely with Executives/Global Vice Presidents, Product Management, User/Customer Experience and Business Teams, for launching first-time and data-driven differential solutions

Proficient in Leadership, Communication, Presentation, Coding and Architecting skills 

2021: IEEE Tech Talk on Intelligence in Input & Indian Languages: YouTube Link